Topics and Tracks

Personal Voice Assistants, AI and Cloud

Artificial Intelligence

From building a terascale AI server infrastructure to build skills and actions for voice assistants or create your own Open Source chatbots with SUSI.AI. Join sessions covering Bot Framework, Big Data, Dataprep and more.

Cloud, Containers, DevOps

Cloud, Container, DevOps

Get better insights in how to deploy apps on the cloud more efficiently and save your company money. Sessions in the Cloud, Containers, DevOps track cover Kubernetes, Serverless Architecture, Microservices, OpenShift, and Continuous Integration.



Meet developers and startups working on the blockchain to create solutions for distributed computing, cloud services and Fintech in the blockchain track.



Meet engineers of MySQL and learn how to save your company money with Open Source database solutions in the Database. Specific topics include Scaling TB of data, Real-time data masking, Replication Features, Performance Schema, BigQuery, and Immutable Key-Value Stores.

Web & Mobile

Web & Mobile

Modern Web & Mobile development, existing technologies change, current trend and future of web technologies? Topics include JS, Drupal frameworks, Web VR and AR.

Hardware, Design and Local Production

Open Source Hardware and Science

Introduction to open source hardware projects from laser cutter to pocket science lab. How to do science hands-on with open hardware? Apart from technical topics speakers will share their experience from making prototype to going to large scale production and working with mass manufacturers.

  • Python Programming for Data Analysis Workshop

    You will get to learn how to analyze data using Python. This workshop will take you from the basics of Python to exploring many different types of data. How to prepare data for analysis, perform simple statistical analysis, create meaningful data visualizations, predict future trends from data, and more! Trainer: Barend Scholtus - Lecturer/Manager Student System at RMIT Vietnam

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  • STEM, Robotics, Pocket Science Lab and Open Hardware workshops

    Join the STEM, Robotics, Pocket Science Lab and Open Hardware workshops by experts from FOSSASIA & KidsSpire Vietnam to learn how to effectively integrate STEM into education to enhance students’ learning abilities.

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Open Tech Social Event

Special movie screening, Karaoke, Video Games, Board Games on Friday night October 11 from 7:00pm. Bring your buddy along to spend the night connecting with open source contributors.

FOSSASIA Open Tech Summit
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A little more about the FOSSASIA Summit

The FOSSASIA Summit is the premier Free and Open Source technology event in Asia for developers, start-ups, and contributors. Projects at FOSSASIA range from open hardware, to design, graphics and software. FOSSASIA was established in 2009. Previous events took place in Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, China and India.

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Join us at other Open Tech Summit in the region!

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Officience Vietnam is the event location for the Open Tech Summit. Address: 16A Lê Hồng Phong, Phường 12, Quận 10, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam